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Sunday Catch Up #4

Hello all! 🙂 I hope you're having the most wonderful Sunday. We're spending the day on the sofa - I've grabbed my new blanket from where it was beautifully adorning the bed, laid it over me, and I'm sitting and watching the dogs excitedly bound through the crisp, white snow. It's a book, candle, and… Continue reading Sunday Catch Up #4

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Sunday Catch Up #3

Hello lovely people! Hope everyone's having a lovely Mother's Day. May it be filled with tasty roast dinners, cake, and lots of love for all the mummy's in your life - biological or otherwise. Let's crack on with this week's Sunday Catch Up! Excitements of the week... Wedding Photo Book This week saw the arrival… Continue reading Sunday Catch Up #3


The ‘in-between’ in the friendship break-up

‘So, can I ask advice? And I sort of already know the answer, but I want to double check I’m not awful…’ I was sat on the sofa, Futurama playing in the background, Pete laughing at something about it next to me, absolutely not paying attention to the programme he was trying to introduce me… Continue reading The ‘in-between’ in the friendship break-up

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Endometriosis & Me – A stream of consciousness

I knew that I wanted to do an endometriosis based post this week, to commemorate (is that even the right word!?) Endometriosis Awareness Week. I have debated, planned, re-drafted, reconsidered numerous times. Do I give my whole story and rant about the ridiculous diagnosis times? Do I gloss over everything, giving facts in place of… Continue reading Endometriosis & Me – A stream of consciousness

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Sunday Catch Up #2

It's Suuuuuundaaaaay! I'm writing this having migrated to the sofa from bed, on my second cup of coffee, and having just inhaled some cereal, after I did my duty as a wife and said that Pete could have the last of the bacon. Let me tell you, the gluten free honey corn flakes were absolutely… Continue reading Sunday Catch Up #2

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Things to remember on your wedding day…

I know what you’re thinking… ‘Alright Chloe, when did you become a wedding planner?’ Or, ‘Yeah, we get it, you got married, shut up…’ Both are quite likely, both are totally understandable. Both are totally going to be ignored too. Although I never ever want to plan another wedding in my lifetime, I thought it… Continue reading Things to remember on your wedding day…


Sunday Catch Up #1

Hello! Happy Sunday! I hope you’re enjoying this beautiful Sunday - it’s bright and sunny here, but wonderfully, bitterly cold. I love it. I’m so hyped for it to get down to proper minus temperatures this week. Eeeek. While I’m super excited for summer, I’m a proper winter girl at heart. So, welcome to the… Continue reading Sunday Catch Up #1


Why life plans don’t always go to… well, plan

The question you always get asked at job interviews, university, school, college, by friends over coffee, or on your Tinder date with cocktails, is 'where do you see yourself in 5/10 years?' I always thought I had a plan - when I was at school it was "oh, drama school, then moving to London, become… Continue reading Why life plans don’t always go to… well, plan

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Trying to manage endometriosis with diet – My experience

Hello! It’s Friyay! Wooooo! I’m looking forward to this weekend - we’re seeing friends and having Nandos tomorrow night, and I’m all about that quarter chicken and chips. Might even double carb and get some spicy rice in there… Mmm. Today’s post is a bit of an endometriosis themed post. I decided to write about… Continue reading Trying to manage endometriosis with diet – My experience


Why we chose to mini-moon then honeymoon…

Happy Monday! It feels like the weekend flew by. I woke up this morning and couldn’t believe it was Monday already. Still, at least it’s pancake day tomorrow, eh! I thought I’d do a little post about our honeymoon plans, and why we chose to do a mini-moon and then a honeymoon. Greedy, you’re probably… Continue reading Why we chose to mini-moon then honeymoon…