Sunday catch up

Sunday Catch Up #10

Brr, where's the sun gone, eh!? It's absolutely freezing here today. I'm psyching myself up to go for a run, but I know how chilly and windy it is - I just got back from Wilko - and I'm struggling to find the motivation. I'll go, because I know I have to, but I know… Continue reading Sunday Catch Up #10

Sunday catch up

Sunday Catch Up #6

Happy Easter! I hope you're enjoying this wonderful long weekend, filling it with many chocolate eggs, friends and family, and yummy roasts. What a dreamy Sunday. We've got homemade brunch with my parents and then maybe a nice long walk this afternoon! I love a good long weekend! Anyway, let's crack on with the Sunday… Continue reading Sunday Catch Up #6

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Trying to manage endometriosis with diet – My experience

Hello! It’s Friyay! Wooooo! I’m looking forward to this weekend - we’re seeing friends and having Nandos tomorrow night, and I’m all about that quarter chicken and chips. Might even double carb and get some spicy rice in there… Mmm. Today’s post is a bit of an endometriosis themed post. I decided to write about… Continue reading Trying to manage endometriosis with diet – My experience