Sunday catch up

Sunday Catch Up #10

Brr, where's the sun gone, eh!? It's absolutely freezing here today. I'm psyching myself up to go for a run, but I know how chilly and windy it is - I just got back from Wilko - and I'm struggling to find the motivation. I'll go, because I know I have to, but I know… Continue reading Sunday Catch Up #10


‘Eat Up’ by Ruby Tandoh – Book Review

5/5 Stars "I have a body, and it exists in a fragile world, and I choose to relish it." This book should be on every school syllabus. This book should be read by anyone and everyone. This book isĀ the book, the one that will leave you going 'wow', that you won't shut up about. Ruby… Continue reading ‘Eat Up’ by Ruby Tandoh – Book Review

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My deceivingly yummy smoothie recipe…

Today I've got my first to the public performance assessment so I decided to make a smoothie to give myself some nutrients & energy for the day. Now I admit, the smoothie colour isn't great but my god does it taste good... So here's a cheeky little ingredients list for you because there's so much goodness… Continue reading My deceivingly yummy smoothie recipe…