Sunday catch up

Sunday Catch Up #7

What a week! I feel like having a four day week after a long weekend makes the week so much more exhausting! I've been knackered these last few days and whilst I admit this could be period related, I'm also adamant it's because of the four day week... And still recovering from the clocks going… Continue reading Sunday Catch Up #7


‘The Cruel Prince’ by Holly Black – Book Review

5/5 Stars “I want power so badly. And this is an opportunity for it, a terrifying and slightly insulting opportunity. But also an intriguing one. Would I have made a good knight? I have no way of knowing.” I Loved. This. Book. I read it in six hours. I read it like a woman on… Continue reading ‘The Cruel Prince’ by Holly Black – Book Review

Sunday catch up

Sunday Catch Up #6

Happy Easter! I hope you're enjoying this wonderful long weekend, filling it with many chocolate eggs, friends and family, and yummy roasts. What a dreamy Sunday. We've got homemade brunch with my parents and then maybe a nice long walk this afternoon! I love a good long weekend! Anyway, let's crack on with the Sunday… Continue reading Sunday Catch Up #6


‘Eat Up’ by Ruby Tandoh – Book Review

5/5 Stars "I have a body, and it exists in a fragile world, and I choose to relish it." This book should be on every school syllabus. This book should be read by anyone and everyone. This book is the book, the one that will leave you going 'wow', that you won't shut up about. Ruby… Continue reading ‘Eat Up’ by Ruby Tandoh – Book Review


Advice for Wedding Planning: The Initial Stages

Let me set the scene: you've just become engaged, you're incredibly happy, you've got big plans... But there's one little issue. You've no idea how to execute said plans. Maybe you've always known the kind of wedding you want, or perhaps you've literally never given a thought to it. All of sudden, once the excitement… Continue reading Advice for Wedding Planning: The Initial Stages

Sunday catch up

Sunday Catch Up #5

Evening all! It's a late Sunday catch up this week! The weekend just seems to have run away from me - it's been a busy one. Plus, I always find it so disruptive when the clocks go forward. You blink and it's 7pm (technically 6pm, which is even worse) and you can't work out where… Continue reading Sunday Catch Up #5


Living Your Childhood Dreams (no matter how small)

It was nothing more, or less, than a Friday night dinner with friends. They had come to ours before Christmas, where we'd shared a bottle of wine between my best friend and I. I'd cooked my go to dish of chicken in a creamy red wine sauce, before whacking out the Aldi bought desserts, because I really do fail when… Continue reading Living Your Childhood Dreams (no matter how small)


Favourite Literary Couples

Ahh, romance in books... They can wrap you up, take you on a journey, frustrate you, magic you away to a faraway place, and leave you lusting for the same kind of whirlwind adoration the characters have just experienced. You have the numerous romantic tropes - the insta love, the hate to love relationship, the… Continue reading Favourite Literary Couples