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How to make your rental property feel more like a home

The number of people renting property today seems to be higher than ever before. More and more of us are renting our flats and houses, which comes with both positives and negatives. On the plus side, if anything goes wrong you get to ring up the landlord/management company and ask them to come and fix… Continue reading How to make your rental property feel more like a home


Your Tribe – Having a good group of friends

It was a dreary Saturday in March, but inside a gorgeous house in West Sussex, the atmosphere was bright and full of laughter. As we left late that afternoon, getting into the car after waving our goodbyes, giving hugs out, and making promises to arrange something again ASAP, I turned to Pete and said, “I… Continue reading Your Tribe – Having a good group of friends


Living Your Childhood Dreams (no matter how small)

It was nothing more, or less, than a Friday night dinner with friends. They had come to ours before Christmas, where we'd shared a bottle of wine between my best friend and I. I'd cooked my go to dish of chicken in a creamy red wine sauce, before whacking out the Aldi bought desserts, because I really do fail when… Continue reading Living Your Childhood Dreams (no matter how small)


My Daily Routine Working From Home

It's Thursday, it's Riverdale day, & it's nearly Friday! Happy days all round 🙂 I thought I'd give you a little insight into what my day is like when I'm working from home. As you may or may not know, I started my own manuscript editing company back in August of last year. It's been… Continue reading My Daily Routine Working From Home

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Sunday Catch Up #3

Hello lovely people! Hope everyone's having a lovely Mother's Day. May it be filled with tasty roast dinners, cake, and lots of love for all the mummy's in your life - biological or otherwise. Let's crack on with this week's Sunday Catch Up! Excitements of the week... Wedding Photo Book This week saw the arrival… Continue reading Sunday Catch Up #3


The ‘in-between’ in the friendship break-up

‘So, can I ask advice? And I sort of already know the answer, but I want to double check I’m not awful…’ I was sat on the sofa, Futurama playing in the background, Pete laughing at something about it next to me, absolutely not paying attention to the programme he was trying to introduce me… Continue reading The ‘in-between’ in the friendship break-up

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Endometriosis & Me – A stream of consciousness

I knew that I wanted to do an endometriosis based post this week, to commemorate (is that even the right word!?) Endometriosis Awareness Week. I have debated, planned, re-drafted, reconsidered numerous times. Do I give my whole story and rant about the ridiculous diagnosis times? Do I gloss over everything, giving facts in place of… Continue reading Endometriosis & Me – A stream of consciousness

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Sunday Catch Up #2

It's Suuuuuundaaaaay! I'm writing this having migrated to the sofa from bed, on my second cup of coffee, and having just inhaled some cereal, after I did my duty as a wife and said that Pete could have the last of the bacon. Let me tell you, the gluten free honey corn flakes were absolutely… Continue reading Sunday Catch Up #2

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Things to remember on your wedding day…

I know what you’re thinking… ‘Alright Chloe, when did you become a wedding planner?’ Or, ‘Yeah, we get it, you got married, shut up…’ Both are quite likely, both are totally understandable. Both are totally going to be ignored too. Although I never ever want to plan another wedding in my lifetime, I thought it… Continue reading Things to remember on your wedding day…


Sunday Catch Up #1

Hello! Happy Sunday! I hope you’re enjoying this beautiful Sunday - it’s bright and sunny here, but wonderfully, bitterly cold. I love it. I’m so hyped for it to get down to proper minus temperatures this week. Eeeek. While I’m super excited for summer, I’m a proper winter girl at heart. So, welcome to the… Continue reading Sunday Catch Up #1