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Endometriosis & Me – A stream of consciousness

I knew that I wanted to do an endometriosis based post this week, to commemorate (is that even the right word!?) Endometriosis Awareness Week. I have debated, planned, re-drafted, reconsidered numerous times. Do I give my whole story and rant about the ridiculous diagnosis times? Do I gloss over everything, giving facts in place of… Continue reading Endometriosis & Me – A stream of consciousness

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Trying to manage endometriosis with diet – My experience

Hello! It’s Friyay! Wooooo! I’m looking forward to this weekend - we’re seeing friends and having Nandos tomorrow night, and I’m all about that quarter chicken and chips. Might even double carb and get some spicy rice in there… Mmm. Today’s post is a bit of an endometriosis themed post. I decided to write about… Continue reading Trying to manage endometriosis with diet – My experience

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My deceivingly yummy smoothie recipe…

Today I've got my first to the public performance assessment so I decided to make a smoothie to give myself some nutrients & energy for the day. Now I admit, the smoothie colour isn't great but my god does it taste good... So here's a cheeky little ingredients list for you because there's so much goodness… Continue reading My deceivingly yummy smoothie recipe…