Why we chose to mini-moon then honeymoon…

Why we chose to mini-moon then honeymoon...

Happy Monday! It feels like the weekend flew by. I woke up this morning and couldn’t believe it was Monday already. Still, at least it’s pancake day tomorrow, eh!

I thought I’d do a little post about our honeymoon plans, and why we chose to do a mini-moon and then a honeymoon. Greedy, you’re probably thinking, having two trips away! But honestly, there was a little more to it than that… And we also just wanted two trips away. Who doesn’t want to drag out that honeymoon feeling, right?! None of this is sponsored either, by the way. I just wanted to tell you all our ideas, why we decided to take two trips, and also it gives me the opportunity to post some beautiful Lake District pictures. Predictable, much? 

Originally, our trip to the Lake District was going to be our sole honeymoon. We booked it quite early on in the wedding planning process, both admitting that we would quite like to go somewhere nice and peaceful straight after the wedding. We ‘ummed’ and ‘aahhed’ for a while, trying to decide whether to go away later on in the year (Easter, post-dissertation, or summer after I’ve graduated), before finally deciding that as we had a week after the wedding before I headed back to uni, we might as well go away straight after. We picked the Lake District partially because we had been there before. We wanted somewhere that if we were absolutely knackered and wanted to stay in the cottage for the whole day, we could. Somewhere that was beautiful, that we could go on chilled walks, go out for lunches and dinners, but not feel obligated to do a huge amount. Back before we had actually become engaged, we had vaguely discussed honeymoon ideas. Our original plan had been to go to Kerela, in India. The more we thought about it post-engagement, however, the more we realised that the last thing we wanted was to spend an absolute fortune going somewhere, to feel like we had to do tonnes of things, because we’d paid so much money to be there. I had a feeling (call it intuition…) that we’d be completely exhausted after the wedding, what with the build up and the stress of it all, and I didn’t want us to get all the way to Kerela, or somewhere similar, and feel like we couldn’t just sleep for two days. After much discussion, we decided the Lake District was our best option. So quite early on in our planning, I would say probably around June, we booked our trip, happy with our honeymoon destination.


Then a few friends of ours got married, particularly one of my best friends (shout out to Rosie!). She told me about this plan they had to go to Paris straight after the wedding, followed by a big trip to Sri Lanka and the Maldives later in the year. This, I realised, sounded brilliant. We’d been seeing friends’ honeymoon trips all over social media – you know the type, the big beautiful beaches, the trips of a lifetime – and were feeling a little bit… Disgruntled seems like the wrong word. It’s not that we were suddenly unhappy with our choice of destination, it was more that we suddenly realised what we could be missing out on. We went from not really being that bothered about having a big, once in a lifetime honeymoon, to suffering from severe FOMO. Damn it. After speaking to Rosie about her and her husband’s plans, we realised that was what we wanted too – a smaller, relaxed trip straight away, then a bigger, slightly more luxurious honeymoon later on in the year. After all, you (hopefully) only get married once, right? Might as well go all out, was our view. Yes, it would be super expensive, but wasn’t that the point? Our bank balance began to sob deeply.


We began to look into Kuoni. A lot of our friends had used Kuoni, plus we had a John Lewis gift list, which means people can donate directly to your honeymoon. It seemed like the obvious choice to us. We happened to be in Oxford one day, when we stumbled upon a Kuoni in John Lewis. We spent a lovely hour or so with a very helpful lady, who’s name I can’t for the life of me remember, discussing what we were looking for. We wanted scuba diving/snorkelling, so that Pete can see the coral reefs before they all die, I have always wanted to swim in an infinity pool, looking out over some beautiful scenery, we wanted the Instagram worthy beaches and restaurants, and preferably somewhere that could accommodate gluten free dietary requirements, just so I didn’t starve. Oh, and if it could cost less than £4000 tops, that would be great too. Not too much to ask? Wrong. When our personalised recommendations came through, there was one singular package that was less than £4000, and it wasn’t particularly nice either. We sat, one Monday night, staring at the PDF files, our eyes bulging out of our heads in horror. In hindsight, I think we’d been a bit naive. There was no way that the company were ever going to be able to do it for less than £4000 – it just wasn’t in their remit. After much soul and bank balance searching, we gave up, deciding that it simply wasn’t affordable. In the meantime, we also looked at doing a grand tour of Italy, our favourite country, and a couple of other places. But in the back of our minds, as always, was the fact that having kids for us might not be easy (thanks endo!) and we’re going to have to start trying earlier than we might have liked… Italy, a gnawing voice kept saying, could be done in smaller trips, with a child. Something huge and extravagant, that involved seeing coral reefs? Probably not so easy.


Which is how we’ve now ended up looking at going to Thailand, either later on this year, or early next year. We had the best time in the Lake District, doing exactly what we hoped it would be. Long, snowy walks, far too much food, and the much needed luxury of just heading back to the cottage to nap. It was perfect, precisely what we needed after the whirlwind of the wedding. At no point did we feel bad for choosing to go back to our little house at 2pm, sitting on the sofa for four hours, reading, napping, or playing video games, and then heading out for drinks and dinner at 6pm before collapsing into bed at 10. It was ideal, and it was made even better knowing that we’ve still got the opportunity to have that big, extravagant trip in the future. Thailand seems perfect for us – coral reef opportunities for Pete, many food and infinity pool opportunities for me, and loads of things to keep us occupied for when we inevitably get bored after one single day of sitting on the beach. We’re just not very good at that, we luckily realised before we booked the Maldives. We need things to keep us occupied. We’ve yet to book anything – we’re still recovering from the wedding… – but it’s something to look forward to, something to keep that newlywed feeling going. Any tips, recommendations, anything at all to do with Thailand, let me know. Tweet me, Instagram me, comment below – I’m desperate to hear anything you can tell me!

Love, Chloe x (2)


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