Specs Appeal


Oh hiiiiii. Hope you all had a wonderful Easter & ate all of the chocolate. I’m trying to clear the fridge of chocolate but the reduced eggs in Sainsburys haven’t helped… Someone’s got to eat them, right!?

I thought I’d do a little post about glasses because I bought a couple of new pairs because a recent eye test told me I was even more blind than I thought. I’ve worn glasses since I was about 15 and realised that I couldn’t read signs that clearly anymore. My Dad’s had glasses since he was 16 so it was always gonna come for me. I remember putting my first pair of glasses on and discovering that the trees had leaves. Like actual individual leaves! But I didn’t wear them all the time because I just didn’t feel the need and I guess I didn’t like them enough to do so. I’m pretty sure they were Ted Baker and rectangular, but not the sassiest looking specs you’ve ever seen. It was only when I finished college and started working in Boots full time that I realised I’d probably have to – you can’t spot thieves without glasses on, let me tell you. From then on my glasses were a regular thing and I always made sure when I picked them that they represented my personality and were something I felt happy wearing all the time, from day through to night. I’ve worn contacts and for weddings and special events I occasionally whack them out (or in) but I’m generally a glasses girl. Which brings me onto my new specs.

I knew I’d become more blind because I was struggling to see things clearly even with my glasses on plus I was getting headaches. If anyone wears glasses and gets headaches by the way, it’s always worth going to see your optician/doctor. Good old Vision Express did my eye test and informed me that I was, indeed, more blind than before, and my astigmatism has doubled in two years. Doing well! New glasses were very much needed but I really don’t like the choice in Vision Express, or a lot of other high street optician choices. Additionally price is always an issue for me. I have to wear glasses but I object to having to pay £200 for a really nice, stylish pair that represents me. In steps Glasses Direct. My Dad recommended them because of their good choice of frames and their good deals for glasses. I completely agree. After doing a bit of research I went for the Costello by Scout and Alexa by Glasses Direct themselves. I entered my prescription details, chose the lens type I wanted (I went for the Silver lenses) and picked if I wanted a tint (perfect if you want them as sunglasses!). It was 2 for 1, plus £30 off for being a new customer so I ended up getting two pairs for £66.95 in total – an absolute bargain. They were dispatched and delivered in 4 days. I loved the Alexa straight away – they’re cat eye and just beautiful. However the Costello were a little bit big across the bridge of the nose and kept falling off! So after a quick phone call to Glasses Direct, I sent them back, free returns, and ordered Siren in brown. Again, delivery was so speedy and I didn’t have to pay any extra or anything. So good! I love my new glasses – which is good as I’m wearing them allll the time! They make me look super sassy and badass. Which is exactly how glasses should make you feel! So if you ever need to buy a pair (or two) of glasses, or just want some prescription sunglasses, check out online first! ‘Cause you can find some beauts!!



Not a sponsored post I promise, I just love my glasses & thought that this website was fab! 🙂


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