It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

This would definitely fit in the flat…

So I’ve been meaning to write a blog post for absolutely ages but uni and life have once again got the better of me and I fail. I’d love to say I’m sat on the sofa, all snuggled, watching a Christmas film & drinking hot chocolate, but I’m not. I’m sat in trackies and a sweatshirt, drinking wine and watching the Spooks film, which I’ve been meaning to watch for months, avoiding doing the washing up and ironing. So Christmassy…

I’m absolutely loving Christmas this year. I’m not working too much over Christmas which is lush and I can’t wait to spend some time with my loved ones. I just wish it was here already! But I thought I’d write a little list with some pictures about some things we’ve done this year that I’d love to do again to make everything feel super Christmassy in December.

1. Watch Christmas lights get turned on


I absolutely love watching Christmas lights get turned on. The last few years I’ve been to Guildford switch on and every year it’s busier and better. This year was no exception although next year I’ll remind myself to make a reservation somewhere for dinner. I always forget that obviously once the lights are switched on and the fireworks are done families go out for dinner… But I love Christmas lights and they really help start to get me in the Christmas mood!

2. Go to a Christmas market

Okay, so this isn’t actually the Christmas market we went to – it was a random one in Leicester Square that we didn’t spend a huge amount of time in but the only market I’ve actually taken a picture of. Instead I’ve been to Southbank Christmas market and a gorgeous one in Weald and Downland Museum in West Sussex with my friends and their lovely children. This one was probably the highlight and definitely something I hope we’ll do every year. We didn’t really buy anything (food… we bought lots of food…) or look at many of the stalls but it was still an amazing day and so wonderful spending time with everyone.

3. Visit London in all it’s Christmassy glory

So we went to London for the day with the intention of going to Winter Wonderland but the day we went was a day when there were ridiculous queues to get in. I have never queued for Winter Wonderland in my life and I didn’t plan on queuing that day either. So instead we stuck to our original plan of heading to Borough Market, wandering round Oxford/Regents Street, hit Covent Garden to take pictures of the pretty lights and then headed home to eat takeaway and curl up under the duvet. Next year I’d quite like to do the same thing. Yes it was insanely busy, but it was so lovely seeing London like tourists and ooh-ing and aaahing at all the lights (yeah, that was Pete obviously…) whilst eating yummy food and window shopping. And then we’ll probably go to Winter Wonderland on a weekday, cause ain’t nobody got time for that queuing malarky…

4. Decorate for Christmas with the Bublé on

I had so much fun decorating the flat this year. It’s our first Christmas and I really wanted to make it as special and decorative as possible. Cue the fairy lights, baubles and our beautiful tree. I’m so proud and I hope that wherever we end up next year I’ll enjoy decorating as much as I have this year. Also, thanks Pinterest for all your snazzy ideas. You made Christmas decorating so much easier…

5. Spend time with friends and family (and drink & eat lots…)

The most important tradition of December, & to be honest of the whole year, is to spend time with the most amazing people and eat and drink so so much. The Christmas parties I’ve been to this year have been on pointe and I’ve drunk lots (hangovers do just get worse with age, I’m sad to say), eaten yummy food and laughed insane amounts, as shown in the pictures with my favourite one above. I can’t wait to spend Christmas Day with him and our respective families. It’s so nearly here!! EEEEEEK!


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