New Season,New Clear Out

The reason you’re currently looking at this picture of a gorgeous new pair of Office boots is because this weekend I had a bit of a drama. I admit, in the grand scheme of life and the world, it really wasn’t that much of a drama, and I managed to turn it round to be something positive… But still. Drama.

Anyone who knows me will know I’m not much of a “clearing out” person. I tend to hoard for a while, not in a ridiculous the whole house is a mess kind of way, but in an all our cupboards and the bedroom floor are full of my shit kind of way. And then suddenly, normally when a big life event happens, like moving, I’ll have a massive clear out, throw loads away and then start collecting again. When I say collecting, I mean buying. And I tend to mean shoes, clothes and bags. Not even sorry. Anyway, for ages and ages, I’d been meaning to clean out the wardrobe. I hadn’t looked at it since I threw it all in there when we moved in January and it really annoyed me that a) all of my shoes were just in a pile in a box and b) I had so many clothes hanging up that I hadn’t worn in years but I still couldn’t hang up half the stuff that needed hanging… Plus, because I’m a lazy bitch, a lot of the clothes were just lying on the floor by the side of my bed, because I am literally the worst… So, on Saturday, I decided to have a massive clear up. I opened my wardrobe, pulled out my shoes and started going through, putting them to the side when I stumbled upon my favourite pair of ankle boots. I was avidly telling Pete about how excited I was that I’d found them in time for Autumn/Winter when all of a sudden I noticed that they’d gone a bit… well… mouldy. And then I picked up the other boot to discover it had mites crawling all over it. Needless to say it got thrown over the other side of the room and I then proceeded to throw all of my shoes away. All of them. My Converse, my character shoes, my jazz shoes, my boots, some nice red heels… I should probably add here, we’re not filthy people. We were warned by the landlord that there was a slight mould/damp issue in the wardrobe when we moved in. We should have paid more attention. Hindsight’s a wonderful thing.

After throwing my shoes away, I then had to throw my handbags away (RIP DKNY shoulder bag. You will be missed.) and then figured “f**k it, I’ll get started on the clothes.” What ensued was a mammoth clean out and it was amazing. I threw away dresses I hadn’t worn in years, tops I really didn’t need and trousers that were fading away. And now, all of my Autumn/Winter clothes are nicely hung up so I can see them and my Summer stuff is all still there but A/W has taken over a little bit more. I’m not the sort of person who puts each season’s clothes away to get out the new season, mainly because I don’t have enough storage for that, but I’ve realised that I will probably do a little clear out every season. Probably not as big as this current one, but definitely as brutal. It means I can then fit new clothes into my wardrobe (always a bonus) and actually justify buying them because I’ve thrown old ones away that I won’t wear again and probably haven’t in quite some time. It was, dare I say it, quite cathartic. Plus, in a weird way, I now feel fully ready and prepared for the seasons ahead. Well, fashion wise anyway. And yes, I’ll still buy lots of new knitwear, probably another coat & several more pairs of shoes, because y’know I threw all of mine out, but that’s the point. Plus there’s nothing quite like a bit of “out with the old, in with the new”. Plus, I highly recommend Office for boots. And if you’re a student they currently have 20% off which made these babies a much nicer purchase for my credit card. Thanks guys…

Do you have any new season clear outs? Or do you like to keep everything, just in case? 🙂


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