A little trip to the Lakes…


I haven’t posted in ages and I do apologise. Life has been a little bit crazy and it’s only just starting to calm down! But I’m trying to get back on it, which brings me to this post!

On the Saturday of the August bank holiday weekend Pete and I headed off on a seven hour drive from our little flat to a cute little cottage in Torver, Coniston, to meet my parents and brother there and spend a week in the beautiful Lake District. My mum turned 50 on the Sunday of that weekend and as my parents haven’t had a holiday in 10 years and they absolutely adore the Lakes, we decided a few months ago to book a cottage and spend a week there. As a family we always used to holiday in the Lake District when I was a child. I think I must have been at least six times, but the last time I went was in 2006 at the age of 14. I don’t think at the age of 14 I really appreciated the beauty or the walking, which is probably why I was so excited to go back! Our little cottage was in the village of Torver, not far from Coniston and just down the road from a pub – perfect.



It was Pete’s first time in the Lake District and there were so many things I wanted to show him. After spending Mum’s birthday in Keswick having a nice chilled day, Monday we hit the walking hard. We decided to visit Grizedale Forest, which quickly became one of our favourite places of the whole holiday. We tackled a 5km walk, enjoying lunch looking over a beautiful view, before heading back to Torver and going for what turned out to be quite a long, vague wander… Three hours later we made it home having definitely earned our dinner! We visited Aira Force, ate so much ice cream in Keswick, climbed into caves, found gluten free cake and just had an absolute whale of a time over 5 days. When we couldn’t walk the day after doing a long walk (you go hard or you go home when it comes to walking…) we would chill in a little town and wander round shops and laugh at things. Being in Coniston meant it was about an hour’s drive to Keswick, which meant there were a lot of things up in the Northern part of the Lakes that we didn’t see, so we’ll definitely be going back for those.

Gluten free cake from Poppi Red in Hawkshead

So what would I recommend? Well, we did GoApe on Wednesday and, although it was absolutely terrifying, if you’re not scared of heights I would really suggest doing it. Going down zipwires and getting to see beautiful views was amazing, and Grizedale Forest is just stunning. In fact go to Grizedale as a whole. The walks are great if you want something that has lots of directions laid out for you whilst still being challenging if you’re a good walker. We also went to Rydal Water and discovered the Rydal caves which were amazing. A little bit of adventuring allows you to see so many good things! Plus Hawkshead was such a quaint, cute little village. We found a gorgeous little café called Poppi Red there. It was very shabby chic, so right up my street, did really good coffee and so many gluten free cakes. Gluten free was a real mixture of good and bad up there. It’s really really popular and common – pubs generally all had gluten free options just on their main menu – but as a result, everything sold out really quickly, or you were left with just the option of a brownie. I like brownies, but I’m kinda sick of them… A big shout out goes to The Honey Pot of Keswick which had so many gluten free cakes and food options. I had my first gluten free cream tea and the lovely waitress wasn’t at all phased by the fact I clapped with excitement when I found out I could have it… Not even sorry…

If you ever get the chance to go to the Lake District, go. It’s absolutely beautiful and there is so much to do, whether you like walking or not. Oh, and if you have a dog, or know anyone with one, take them too. It’s like doggy heaven up there!


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