Achieving the little things…


Morning! It’s Thursday, which means it’s nearly Friday, which means it’s nearly the weekend! YAY! I’m counting down the hours until about 5.31pm on Sunday when I’m officially on holiday again and have the whole week off to spend with Pete. So fricking excited. Plus it’s my birthday a week on Saturday so there’s that – is it wrong to be excited about being 24? I mean it’s one year closer to 30 so y’know…

I’ve had a really productive time the past week and a half. I don’t know whether it’s where I’ve come back from holiday all rejuvenated and ready to take on the world or whether it’s where I know I’ve only had two weeks at work until another week off (I will shut up about it, honest…), but I am on it. Not in every aspect, but I feel a lot more organised and productive and more ‘wooo, you go gurl, you do this shit!’. Normally on days off I’m very much a laze about in bed, eventually creep to the sofa, maybe venture into town to buy things I don’t need kinda girl. Occasionally I’ll do housework, bit of washing, maybe go to the gym but mostly I just sleep and chill. Jeremy Kyle occurs, I lie there in a daze of watching the horrors that unfold on his stage and then I eventually get up to make dinner. Day off, done. Great but not very productive. Half the problem is that with endometriosis I am constantly exhausted and I get really bad joint pain (anyone else, or just me?!) so doing chores or things on my to-do list aren’t always top of my priority list. I have great plans for the day, have a bad pain day and just end up crawling to the sofa to curl up in a ball and resent my uterus. Then it’s back to work and I end up having to try to do all the things I should have done on my day off, after work. Not ideal… Also, with things like phone calls I get quite a lot of anxiety. I hate ringing doctors, dentists etc (lol… you’d have thought by now I’d be used to it…) and literally have to just do it or I get in my own head about it and think that receptionists hate me. I know, I shouldn’t care if receptionists hate me, but I don’t like making people’s jobs difficult and I feel like I probably am, by you know, making them do their job… So that’s my normal week/day off/life. Exciting times, eh?

But the last couple of weeks? Well they’ve been a bit different. I’ve still sat and watched Jeremy Kyle (it’s an addiction…), played Sims and not gone to the gym (the thought’s been there, it really has…) but I’ve also actually done things I need to do, things that I always think “ah I should be doing that” and then ignore. I’ve organised birthday presents, sorted out the house, done washing, ironing, written blog posts, looked up uni stuff, sorted out my diary, batch cooked where needed… I’m not trying to brag, but I’m literally on this shit. It might not seem like a huge amount of productivity, but for me it’s quite substantial. Additionally, adult life, I keep discovering, isn’t necessarily about big things that need doing. It’s aaaaaaalllllll about those chores and bills and dates that you really have to remember and oh god why didn’t I write it on the calendar issues. Adulthood is great…

So what have I done differently? Well I’ve gone back to making lists. I kind of gave up on my bullet journal about two months ago. I tried, I really really did, but a) that sort of creativity just isn’t me and b) keeping it updated every night was becoming a chore. Which is silly but sadly true. Maybe I’ll go back to it, but I really don’t know right now. My sexy little Paperchase Agenzio diary (btw, if you like stationary/Paperchase join their Treat Me scheme. It’s SO good) is doing a grand job of semi-organising my life. I can look at my week ahead and write in things that I know in advance I need to do, and then add things that come to me on the day as well. It means I can keep an eye on everything and for some reason writing everything down reminds me that I have to do it. Not only that but I feel like having a positive attitude is helping. I’m trying to look on the bright side a bit more. I’m back to my YOU app and book to help me appreciate the little things in life a bit more and give myself a more postive outlook on life. Small steps but it really does seem to be working. By 1pm on Monday I’d booked a dentist appointment, done a load of washing, sorted out my diary for the rest of the week, found my letter for my hospital appointment (win…), ordered my Dad’s birthday present and finished the ironing. For me, that’s a pretty productive morning. Now I’ve just got to keep building and sustaining this new found productivity and positivity… You never know, maybe one day I’ll actually make it to the gym…


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