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I Heart New York


It seems like the ultimate blogger cliché, doesn’t it? New York City. It’s the place everyone raves about, everyone adores and all bloggers either go there, have been or lust after going there again. Yeah, er, so, I’m no different. Sorry not sorry.

I absolutely adore New York. It’s honestly my favourite place on earth. I’m lucky enough to have been twice and I would go again in a heartbeat. It’s the city I dream about, the place I spend hours scouring Expedia for cheap deals to, somewhere that once you get me started talking about it, I won’t shut up. When anyone tells me they’re going to NYC I am first filled with an indescribable jealousy which is usually expressed by “Ohmygod I hate you it’s such an amazing place…”, followed by “you’re going to love it!” and then a list of all the things I would recommend doing once they get there. And something I’ve discovered is that everyone’s list is different. Some people rave about certain areas, others weren’t massively fussed, but there’s places you absolutely have to go to every time you go. Rockefeller Center is my must-go place. Go at night and you get to see the Empire State Building all lit up and looking fly, along with the rest of the bright lights of New York. Then go to ESB during the day. Holiday pictures, sorted.



I have to be honest here though… The first time I went to New York, for about the first 24 hours, I hated it. I’d never been on a long haul flight, it was my first time travelling alone (well, with two of my best friends, but without my family), I was 18 and I was severely jet-lagged and tired. We arrived, we got through JFK security, got to our hotel and then went out to a nearby TGI’s on Times Square. It was raining, it was horrible. The food wasn’t great. I threw up in the toilets, got back to the hotel and curled up in a ball in my bed and cried. I’d had such high hopes, I’d come all this way and I hated it. I hated the sound of the horns, the sound of the taxis, the never ending noise of the city. Then I woke up the next morning, ready to hate it all again and I fell in love with it. I should probably add here that I am a massive drama queen when it comes to being overtired and travelling… If I’m tired and I’ve spent the whole day travelling don’t expect me to function or be human until the next morning. Sorry, New York…

I can’t even fully describe what makes New York so special. The whole atmosphere is incredible. There is no other city quite like it. Everything is so big and mesmerising, so wonderful and new. It’s completely unique and yet strangely familiar. You still see and do so many familiar things – sightseeing, shopping, eat at amazing restaurants, walk for miles – and yet there are moments when you know you could only experience this in New York. I remember the last time I went, my friend and I had just spent a small fortune in Victoria’s Secret opposite Herald Square (by the way if you go to any Victoria’s Secret go there. Sweet Jesus my poor credit card, but the underwear…) and we were walking back up Avenue of the Americas. Taking everything in, we were walking towards Bryant Park when I looked up. Reflected in the windows of a building was the Empire State Building, lighting up as the sun went down. It was the most perfect New York moment. You wouldn’t get that anywhere else and it was a moment where I didn’t even want to capture it in a photo. It’s in my head, forever, and that’s the beauty of NY. You can take all the photos in the world, but none of them do the experience justice.


Pete’s never been to New York or America and I desperately want to take him one day. I want to show him all the things I love, not even necessarily the big things. I mean obvs I’ll drag him up Rockefeller at night because I’m telling you it must be done, but I want to go to Chelsea, take him to the amazing typical American diner that does the most amazing gluten free french toast I have ever tasted (It’s Bloom’s Deli btw, they’re astounding), find gluten free bakeries, show him Brooklyn, walk Brooklyn Bridge, take him to Central Park and show him all the amazing things that happen there (I’ve seen weddings, giant bubbles, bands, magic…). I want to eat more food than I can even imagine and then walk it all off by just wandering, aimlessly, going wherever we want, wherever this incredible, beautiful, wonderful, astounding city takes us. One day, I will go back there and I will share my favourite city with my favourite person. I cannot stress this enough. I don’t care if you don’t like America. I don’t care if New York sounds like your worst nightmare. Go. If you ever get the chance to go to New York, go. But be prepared, it will capture your heart, probably when you least expect it…


2 thoughts on “I Heart New York”

  1. What a sweet love letter to the city! We feel the exact same way (hence our blog!), and we love how people find different things to fall in love with. The draw is undeniable! We hope you make it back soon! 🙂


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