“Powerful and free, confidence is key” 

Confidence is a funny little thing isn’t it? Some days you feel like you’ve got this shit and you’re sassy as hell and life’s great, and then other days there is nothing on this earth that can make you feel good about yourself and your life – everything is rubbish. I honestly do think confidence is a natural thing and it comes and goes. Also, a lot of the time I think faking it is a pretty big part. New job? Walk in with your head held high, despite the fact you’re bricking it. Meeting the boyf’s family? Whack on a nice dress and hope for the best. Actually, I’m pretty sure that’s just a motto for life… 

For me personally there are days when I’m feeling confident as hell and can take on the world and days when I just want to curl up into a coconut, like my gerbils, and watch PLL on repeat and wish I looked like Aria. The past few days I have actually felt pretty confident, despite feeling particularly crampy (oh hey there, period…) and having a wisdom tooth infection. And I realised that actually, there’s little things I do that help boost my confidence. They’re really subtle, small things, that either only I know about or might seem really ridiculous to other people, but for me just adding them to my day can make me feel like I’m a confident, sassy queen who can take on the world and Uber A (just kidding, I ain’t got time for emoji loving, teen girl stalkers…). 

1. Matching underwear

Okay, I appreciate this one might be odd, but wearing matching underwear gives me a real confidence boost. It doesn’t even have to be sexy or colourful, just plain black and black does the job, but the co-ordination makes me happy, and knowing that under my clothes it’s all matchy matchy, well it’s a great feeling. Someone once told me you should always wear matching underwear so if you get hit by a bus at least you’re wearing matching underwear for when they have to take you to hospital. It’s stuck with me, although in hindsight I’m pretty sure the last thing a paramedic will be thinking is “damn son, that girl’s matching Marcie bra and briefs are on point…” whilst trying to stem bleeding, but y’know… 

2. Bright lipstick

As you may have seen previously, I love lipstick. I also love bright lipstick. Red particularly. However, I honestly don’t really wear it enough. The last couple of days at work I’ve actually made an effort to whack it on and I’ve received a lot more compliments because of it. Plus I feel much better for wearing it. Walking down a train platform with a red lippie on is far more exciting than walking down a platform without one. 

3. Your favourite dress/top/jeans/trousers 

Basically your favourite outfit. I’m in love with these striped culottes from Zara (£19.99 and comfiest babies ever) and paired with a top from work was the dream work outfit the other day. I felt like the best, most stylish version of me, and although I told everyone I’d actually made an effort that morning, in reality I really hadn’t… I’d had it in my head, thrown it on and it worked. Because I knew it would. Those outfits you know work? Those are the best confidence givers. 

4. A coffee. 

In a takeaway cup or a reusable takeaway style cup. Essentially just coffee actually but having it on hand as you walk up the high street is always nice. Preferably with all the syrups and sprinkles and caffeine, unless you’re having to live that healthy, no dairy/sugar/caffeine life in which case just enjoy that coffee however you can and let it fill you with caffenated confidence. 

5. A cheeky little list. 

Odd, I know, but sometimes what overwhelms me and knocks my confidence is when I know I’ve got loads of things to do and I forget something. Boom, day is ruined, I’m shit and now I have to catch up. Cue my new little diary from Paperchase. It’s a academic year diary (because I’m a student & that’s actually legit for once…) but one half is days and the other half is lined, sectioned paper, perfect for a little bullet journal style to-do list. It means I can plan not only for that day, but for the week ahead and feel confident that I know exactly what I need to be doing, day in, day out. Just looking at it fills me with confidence, and that’s what matters. 

What are your little, personal confidence boosters? Let me know!


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