Holidays in Crete 

Oh heeeeeyyy. I’m back after a lovely six day break in Crete, feeling relatively refreshed and definitely more tanned than when I left. #win. 

We headed to Crete last Sunday and I had all these great ideas for blog posts on the plane out, some that I even wrote out, but then I forgot about them and they weren’t relevant anymore so yay for that waste of time and thought… But I thought I’d give you a little preview of our time in Crete 🙂 

We stayed in a little village in the south of Crete called Kastri, which also technically counted as Keratakambos. There was a little supermarket, a couple of tavernas and whole lot of hills. Seriously. If you ever go to Crete hire a 4×4. You’ll need it. We shared a lovely little villa with Pete’s parents which had a pool and a lush view of the sea. 

Every night we went to the same taverna for dinner, looking out over the sea. We ate all sorts but the stuffed tomatoes were honestly the nicest things I’ve ever tasted. I’d attempt to make them at home but they wouldn’t taste half as yummy. Woe… 

We also visited Ierapetra, which was a gorgeous town at the very south of Crete. We walked along the beaches, I bought a lush kaftan to stop my shoulders from looking like bubble wrap and we met a parrot. Also I got the biggest glass of wine I’ve ever had for €5. Living the dream right there. 

The sea is the bluest, clearest sea you have ever seen. Honestly – it’s the sort of sea you’d expect in the Caribbean or something. For a European country I was astounded. In the villages and towns to the south everyone was lovely. So friendly, really accommodating and just happy to help. In Heraklion we found it a slightly different story, possibly because it was a larger city but it just wasn’t quite as nice, or as friendly. But it was an exception to the rule for Crete & I can’t fault the beautiful scenery & clear, sparkling seas. I have never been swimming in seas like it. So lush. 

I’d quite like to see more of Greece to be honest. Santorini is definitely on the list – come on, we’ve all seen those pictures, it’s the dream. And maybe Mykonos or Corfu? Have you been to any Greek islands? Any suggestions? 🙂 


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