How to be more Spring happy :)

I don’t know about everyone else but I’ve felt a little down during May. I don’t know whether it’s health issues, day to day work stresses, the fact we’re coming to an end of the first year of uni and everything is stressful, or just that I’m a bit bored of Spring. I find Spring and Autumn the worst seasons mainly because I’m massively impatient and just want to get to the main events – Summer and Winter. Don’t tempt and tease me, Spring and Autumn, with your almost hot weather, but then rain, or almost cold weather and then a week of 25 degrees. Give me the full thing.

I’ve found myself trying to cheer myself up a lot more by doing little things. Little things like buying flowers for the flat. Asda is brilliant for this – they do the best lillies. £3-£5 and they last for a full on two weeks (if you remember to keep them topped up with water… Oops…) and although they take a while to bloom, when they do, they’re stunning. I bought the chrysanthemums above from Asda yesterday and they’re currently cheering up our dining room. Pete hates them because they make his hayfever worse, but y’know… I try 😉

I’m also enjoying being able to sit outside a bit more than usual. Where we live in a block of flats there’s no garden area but yesterday we went and sat outside on the veranda at the gym and enjoyed a coffee, a paper and a chat, like the old people we are. Seriously though, it was great. I got to have some caffeine, some vitamin D and some time to just chill out, which was thoroughly needed. I’d hit up a pilates class before that, which also made a difference. I came out feeling much more relaxed but still feeling like I’d worked out. Win. If you haven’t tried it, I really recommend it. My core today feels like it’s been put through a shredder but I’m hoping that somewhere under there a six pack that isn’t crisps is forming… Maybe…

And then the last thing I’ve done to cheer myself up a bit is book a holiday. Not always achievable for everyone, I realise, but if you can, do. About two weeks ago, we had a discussion about how we wanted to go on holiday somewhere hot. For us this is quite unusual as we tend to veer towards city breaks where we do everything in 3 days and it’s great. But we both realised we wanted something a bit more relaxing where we could, in our words, “warm our joints” and just sit and chill without having to stress about anything. I do realise how old we sound and it’s killing me… So I hunted for holidays, looking at all inclusive and hotels and all sorts but everything was just super expensive. Enter Pete’s parents to save the day. They’d booked a holiday to Crete for two weeks in a villa that slept six and have invited us to come along for a week. We’re just sorting out flights and shiz now but hopefully it’ll all go through. It’s cheaper than booking our own holiday but even so, I think it’s an expense I’d probably pay anyway. It’ll be great fun and I’d rather spend some quality time with my favourite person and his family than be stuck at home working myself to death for money. Although I’ll still be doing that anyway but at least there’s a couple of holidays in between. And sometimes you just need a holiday, right?!

So, there’s my little ways of trying to cheer up my Spring and be a bit happier whilst waiting for Summer. What are your little ways to cheer yourself up? 🙂


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