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Healthy Eating

I’ve just scoffed down two homemade scones and so I feel like this post may or may not have just lost it’s impact… But y’know, they were homemade and only had a smidge of peanut butter on so I tried, right?!

Healthy eating is something I’ve kind of struggled with over the years. When I write that I feel like it’s a really stupid thing to say – how can you struggle with something as simple as eating healthy? But when there’s things like crisps and gluten free cake, that’s when I struggle. Because crisps, guys. They’re the things of gods. About two/three years ago I was really good, lost a whole load of weight, got down to a healthy size 8 and ate really healthily whilst still occasionally having treats. Then (and I love him and mean this in the nicest possible way…) I met Pete and I pretty much gained all that weight back, with a bit of added muscle definition (thank you pilates, you babe), and developed a massive obsession with crisps again. We both went the same way and we’re kind of sad about it. For months and months and months we said “we’ll start eating healthily tomorrow” and then it would last about a week and all go to pot. I’d go to Sainsburys and see salt and vinegar Walkers Deli Market crisps on offer and lose all willpower, probably be PMSing and boom… a whole packet of Deli crisps, half a Dairy Milk Daim chocolate bar and a fish finger sandwich later, I’d be crying that I’m fat and need to eat healthier. It was a vicious cycle, I tell you.

So about two/three weeks before my operation, we finally actually genuinely had enough. I can’t really remember what actually caused it – maybe we went to a family event and something was said, I’m not sure – but Pete and I decided enough was enough. We’re going to be healthy. Over a weekend, we hunted for a new gym and found the most amazing one (there’ll be a blog post about that later this week) and I planned some healthy meals. If you haven’t got one and you like stationery and organisation, get a meal planner. Mine’s from Paperchase, was like £8, and has a shopping list pad attached to it. I love it. It’s great for me to see what’s being cooked when and write a list for our Sainsburys shop. Then I had my operation and it all took a back seat whilst I tried to recover, but whilst I was home alone I got hunting on Amazon and bought some healthy lifestyle books. I would highly recommend The Healthy Life by Jessica Sepel, Lean In 15 by Joe Wicks & It’s All Easy by Gwyneth Paltrow (yeah, it killed me to buy it but it’s actually really good). Not only that but I bought Endometriosis: A Key to Healing & Fertility Through Nutrition, as seen on my previous post. All of these together, plus a few other books, have made me realise some pretty essential basics. So here’s my plan:

  • Cutting down on refined sugars
  • No alcohol (this kills me…)
  • One coffee a day, one green tea a day
  • More vegetables in every meal
  • Minimal red meat & more fish.

Cutting down refined sugars (aside from those scones… It’s going well) isn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I don’t actually eat as many refined sugars as I thought I did (scones excused…) which was a nice surprise. No alcohol is bad, mainly because I adored having a glass of wine after work/uni every now and then, but it’s a big no, so it’s gone. Caffeine was another one that apparently should be cut out but I refused that (I also refused to cut out dairy. I like cheese, leave me be.), so I’m cutting down to one coffee a day and one green tea. This, again, wasn’t as hard as expected. It sucks, but it’s not as tricky. I’m writing down everything in my bullet journal so that I know exactly what fresh fruit and veg I need to be buying. Plus MyFitnessPal is back in action. Yay.
So this week is consisting of a lot of salads and healthy foods. Yesterday I did a roast but did the chicken in the slow cooker and did double the amount of veg, leaving us with loads of roasted veg for salads this week and some chicken left over too. We both had the salads today and they were yummy! Tonight we’re trying the chicken schnitzel from Jessica Sepel’s book. It’s all very exciting. I’ll keep you updated with how it’s all going and what other things I’ve learned, with recipes and shizzle. Let me know if there’s anything in particular you want to know or hear about! 🙂


5 thoughts on “Healthy Eating”

  1. I like your plan. No need to cut out major food groups if you don’t want to or aren’t ready. Something I struggle with is more water every day. I’m so inconsistent, which is bad when I’m working out a lot!


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