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A little hello…


Hiiiii. *waves* This is the first of hopefully many blog posts on my new site. I thought I should probably start off with a quick introductory post before bombarding you with content about all sorts of other things. Y’know, a quick intro to the blog, me & life etc. Fun times, right?

Firstly, this is one of my cats in the picture. I figured I’d start with a cat because, well, its a cat, and then go from there. Look at him, all cute and asleep clutching a Sky remote like it’s his own. D’aww.

Anyway, the name of the blog came about because I was really struggling to be inventive about a blog name and didn’t really want to use my full name because it’s not catchy, my name. Like at all. The Chloe bit is fine but my last name is just not blog name material. So, I got to thinking and this came about because when I was younger and used to go to Stagecoach we used to play this game at the beginning of each term. There were always newbies who didn’t know anyone and so to make sure that we all knew each others names, and break the ice, we had to stand in a circle and step forward one by one and go “I’m…” but instead of just saying our name we had to put an adjective that began with the first letter of our name in front of it… So whilst I was busy thinking about what the frick I was going to put in front of my name the last thing I was doing was listening to everyone else but there we go. The one I always used to go with in the end was “Cuuuuuurious CHLOE!” (because yep, you had to elongate and shout because it’s drama and we were 10) which is how “Curiously, Chloe” came into being. True story, bro.

So the blog & me. The blog is essentially going to be, like me, a bit of a mish mash of things. I’m a 23 year old “mature student” at University of Surrey, studying a BA in Theatre & Performance. I live with my lovely boyfriend in Woking in our gorge little flat with two gerbils called Sterling & Dexter. I used to be an accredited consultant for Clinique (for 4 years…) but now I’m a bra fitter because variation is the spice of life & all that. I’m coeliac, so gluten free, but not for the fad and fun of it because quite frankly why would you give up decent cake and bread unless you actually had to? I’m fashion aware but not in any way shape or form a fashionista and I spend most of my time either watching Netflix, doing housework, drinking coffee or playing Pokemon. Because I’m cool, okay? The blog is going to be a mixture of things – lifestyle, home, food, what tv programmes I’m adoring, how to pick a foundation properly, travel stuff… Mish mash, see! πŸ™‚

So bear with me. I can’t guarantee a post every day (I also can’t spell guarantee so there’s that) but I will at least try to make them interesting, informative or just fun. Ta ta for now!


8 thoughts on “A little hello…”

  1. Hello, welcome to the blogging world! Looking forward to your next post πŸ™‚ Your kitty is GORGEOUS by the way, defo why I clicked through! I have two kitties too ❀ xx


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